Monday, April 16, 2012

Merchandise Playing "School Yard"

Merchandise came through town last weekend and I got to see them last Friday and Saturday with Wild Moth.  This band is a bizarre mix of many things but it works.  Sort of an ambient dream pop, Merchandise play a set that is a very fun experience.  They just came out with a new record Childeren Of Desire which is a really great album that is growing on me with every listen.  The topper on the cake for me is their guitarist is David Vassalotti, who has an incredible solo project which you can hear a song from in my 3rd Mix Tape.  Enjoy the video and try and catch these boys while they are on tour.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Wild Moth Song!

Last week we got to see Wild Moth really tear it up at a few shows with Joyce Manor.  While most of us were expecting to see songs from their debut release we got to hear a few totally new ones as well.  This is one of those brand new songs that you will get to hear on an upcoming release of theirs.  Enjoy and get stoked!