Mix Tapes

Here will be links to 5 song "Mix Tapes".  Just whatever I am into, could be something legit, could be some shit bedroom recording that I just like.

Mix Tape 3

-Word Problems                                           By Fever Kids
-Death Will One Day Rob Us All                     By D. Vassalotti    
-When You're Sad                                        By A.R. Kane
-Winona                                                       By Drop Nineteens
-Bad As They Seem                                     By Hayden

Mix Tape 2

-I Decided Not to Do Them                         By Latterman
-Couch                                                          By Benjamins
-Silver Lining                                               By Bulah
-Ten Thousand Years                                    By Dimples
-Speaking In Tongues                                   By Moldar

Mix Tape 1

-Alive in the Basement                                  By Tideland
-Hate My Gutz                                              By Forming
-That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate         By Mission Of Burma
-Day Glo                                                       By Hazel
-Greatest of All Time                                    By Archers of Loaf