About Joe

Who is this guy?  Why does he do this?  What the fuck?

Yes there are many questions out there.  I am Joe, I am 22 years old, and I do this because it is fun.  I was born in sothern California and grew up living at Venice Beach.  I have since Moved up to San Francisco where I currently live with 5 great dudes on Oak St.  All my friends play music and so I got sucked in even though I didn't play an instrument.  We started a band called Koalacaust and went hard for 4 years but recently had to call it quits.  Naturally I am addicted to playing, going to, and now filming shows so I am learning bass for a new band that I have been practicing with.  As for the whole film thing, everyone in my family is involved in film and entertainment.  I grew up on TV sets and it is just the only thing I really know that much about so it just makes sense.  This site is the ultimate combination of my two hobbies, music and film making.  So now that you know me, chill out and brows.

Here are some links to various things I did or am currently involved in:
Koalacaust Bandcamp
Koalacaust Facebook
I Worked On The Jousting Sequence In This
A TV Show I Worked On (Will To Live)

Contact Me:
My E-Mail- jph@mail.sfsu.edu
or you can find me on facebook