Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wild Moth Music Video

So I haven't been recording many shows recently because I've been real busy and the shows I do go to I usually want to just get wasted and party, that being said I do have this video.  I asked my good buds in Wild Moth if I could make a video for them and of course they had no choice but to say yes.  This has been my little bedroom project for a while and every now and then I would just work on it when I had free time.  The new Wild Moth stuff is real tight and it was hard to make something as sick as those jams so I hope everyone likes it.  Trying to do way more videos for bands so hit me up if your into it.

Listen to the new and old Wild Moth jams here.
Buy their new EP "Morning Glow" here.
Get Wild Moth updates here.

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